Hues & Shades

Shades of Pink

There is quite a variation between different shades and hues of pink. Although some of the pink diamonds we have seen have been intensely coloured, some colours are definitely more attractive than others. There is bound to be an element of personal preference when it comes to choosing your favourite colour of pink diamond, but we believe there are some guidelines which will help.

Very Delicate Shades

Most pink diamonds are only very delicately coloured, from barely perceptable to medium pink, but a few are intensely coloured. The "Tinted Pink" in the ring shown above is a very subtle colour. The stone on the right is more of a medium pink.

Five Blue Diamonds

Salmon Pink

The diamond shown here is also a medium pink, but more of a salmon pink.

Blue Coloured Diamond

Rose Pink

This stone was one our favourite colour of pink at the time. The heavy inclusion looks bad in our photograph, but it possibly helped to display the stone's colour. In any case it sold very quickly!

Deeper Pink

This stone has a rich, deeper colour, and plenty of sparkle.

Dark Pink

This stone looks rather too dark, probably because the proportions to which it has been cut are slightly inaccurate, leaving it looking too dark for our preference, although it still remains a striking and beautiful diamond.

More About Pink Hues
Perception of colour is very subjective, and colour is very difficult to describe accurately. It may seem very obvious to state that the nicest pinks are the most expensive, but it is true, for the simple reason that they are the most desirable.

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