Fancy White And Pink Diamond Cluster In 18ct Yellow Gold.

Cluster Rings
Traditional cluster rings featured seven stones arranged in a flower shape. As peoples tastes have changed, clusters have also changed and now feature many different arrangements. Remember that if you do not see anything you like here we can manufacture rings in any design.

Our original design concept for this ring style came from Victorian rings, which were often set low to the finger, as most Victorian ladies wore gloves, and high settings would have been impractical.

From there, our design evolved, and looks nothing like the Victorian originals. Our layout of the ring head takes 7 larger diamonds of about 4 mms diameter or about one fifth of a carat each, interspersed with 12 smaller diamonds of about 1.7 mms diameter or about 0.02 cts each.

The outer edge of the collet (head) is scalloped, with alternate large and small scallops. The ring is made in two parts, a top plate which is normally in white gold or platinum, and an underbezel which is integral with the shank, and which we normally make in yellow gold. Because the diamonds are pav� into the top plate, there is added sparkle and reflection from the ring head itself, but this also creates a very smooth and secure setting with no claws to catch or snag.

In keeping with its Victorian inspiration, we have kept the height of the ring head quite low to the finger, so that although the ring head is quite large in diameter at about 15 mms, it is a very comfortable ring which is easy to wear.

Naturally we can use different qualities of diamonds in respect of colour and clarity.

Diamond Info
Carats Cut Colour / Hue Clarity
0.2RoundPink / Baby PinkP3
1.24RoundWhite / JP3

This diamond is not certificated.

Setting: Rim
Ring weight: 6.1 grams
Ring size: P

Price & Availability

Stock No. Alloy RSP Price Price Price Available?
4596 18 Carat Yellow Gold £ £1,452 $1,854 €1,743 To Order

We understand that many of our customers like to come and visit our showroom prior to purchasing, but if this is not feasible you would have seven days approval (we will happily extend this if the ring is bought as a gift).

If we have already sold this item, we can try to make another similar one. The next one we make in this style will probably have a different weight of diamond, and the diamond may be a different shade of blue. We can also supply in other styles of mount.

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