Multi- Coloured Fancy Diamond Ring In Platinum

Dress Rings
We design and make a range of classic and individual styles of dress rings using a wide variety of diamonds and gemstones of all and shapes and sizes. However, we don't want you to be restricted to "typical" dress rings. Don't forget to consider three stones, five stones or even diamond set wedding bands as a dress ring.

Rainbow Colours

This isn't quite the highest number of different coloured diamonds we have ever set in one single ring but it is still quite impressive. Naturally, the ring is unique. Even if we decided to create another similar one, we would be very unlikely to be able to source every stone in just the right hue, shade and size to recreate this original.

Work of Art or Labour of Love?

We are proud of our results with this miniature work of art. It took us several days to select all the stones for this ring. It may look quite random, but we can assure you that every stone was individually placed with regard to size, colour, and brilliance. It was indeed a labour of love to create it, but we try to put the same loving care into all the rings we make.

Diamond Info
Carats Cut Colour / Hue Clarity
0.29RoundYellow /
0.27RoundGreen /
0.26RoundBlue /
0.27RoundPink /
0.25RoundWhite /
0.26RoundOrange /

This diamond is not certificated.

Setting: Claw

Price & Availability

Stock No. Alloy RSP Price Price Price Available?
4814 Platinum £4,225 £2,806 $3,583 €3,368 Yes

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We understand that many of our customers like to come and visit our showroom prior to purchasing, but if this is not feasible you would have seven days approval (we will happily extend this if the ring is bought as a gift).

If we have already sold this item, we can try to make another similar one. The next one we make in this style will probably have a different weight of diamond, and the diamond may be a different shade of blue. We can also supply in other styles of mount.

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